Pool rules

1. Lifeguard instructions and requests must be promptly obeyed and followed. Lifeguards have the authority to make any decisions not specifically covered in the posted rules.
2. Lifeguards reserve the right to administer a swim test to any individual. Patrons must demonstrate their swimming ability before entering deep water.
3. Patrons must take a cleansing shower before entering the pool. Patrons with skin diseases, open or infected wounds, inflamed eyes, discharges from the nose or ears or any communicable disease are PROHIBITED from entering the pool.
4. Proper swimwear/bathing suit is required. Prohibited attire includes shorts, cutoffs and yoga pants. Swim caps are optional.
5. Only bare feet or slip-resistant aquatics footwear is permitted on the pool deck.
6. Personal belongings should be secured in a locker. The pool deck must be kept clear.
7. Typically lanes 1 & 2 are for slower swimmers, lanes 3 & 4 for medium swimmers, lanes 5 & 6 for faster swimmers. Use the lane that best fits your general speed.
8. To avoid accidents when entering an occupied lane, please receive the first swimmer’s acknowledgement that you are there before you enter the pool.
9. Two swimmers in a lane can split the lane in half or use circle swimming. When 3 or more swimmers are in a lane, use a counter-clockwise circle swimming pattern around the black line on the bottom of the pool.
10. Follow proper procedures for pool use. Rough play and inappropriate activities, such as running and pushing, are not permitted in the pool, deck area and locker rooms.
11. Diving boards and starting blocks are not permitted to be used. No diving in the shallow end from the pool deck. Diving from the pool deck is permitted only in the deep end during open swim. Flips or diving backward from the pool deck is not permitted.
12. Hyperventilating (rapid, deep breathing) before swimming underwater and/or breath-holding contests are not permitted.
13. No spitting, spouting water, nose blowing, or discharging bodily wastes in the pools.
14. Do not sit or hang on the lane lines.
15. Use of starting blocks and diving boards is not permitted.
16. Face masks are not permitted. Patrons are permitted to use goggles, training fins and hand paddles.
17. Return equipment (i.e. kickboards, pull buoys) to proper storage location.
18. No food, drink (water permitted) or gum. Only non-breakable containers are permitted in pool areas and locker rooms.
19. The pools are substance-free facilities. Alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, steroids and tobacco products are not permitted in pool areas and locker rooms.
20. Unauthorized use of photography/videography is not permitted during recreation swim time.
21. Any person deemed unsafe and/or not adhering to the rules will be asked to leave the pool area and building.