Facility Reservation

Facility reservation requests may be made by Northeastern University student groups and/or Faculty/Staff members requesting space for a group activity/practice or academic related project. Please note that a student organization must be recognized by the Center for Student Involvement or student groups working on a class project under the direction of a Full-time Faculty/Staff advisor. Faculty/Staff members may also submit a request for space for a special class or activity.

Campus colleagues, such as Residential Life or representatives thereof (RAs & RDs) may also request space for Residential Hall group activities or events.

Requests submitted will be reviewed within 24-48 hours and we will contact the person submitting the request via email or phone to gather more information about the request. If we cannot accommodate your request for a particular day or time we will try to suggest alternatives dates/times for your event.

Depending on the nature or your request we may or may not be able to provide you with a space, as there are times when additional approval is required. We will provide you with more information about additional approval needed upon our initial contact with you.

Any request submitted should be submitted at least 3 weeks in advance of the activity or event. For any request received well in advance of the next semester we may need to hold a confirmation on that request until all University Recreation activities and leagues have been scheduled. We will inform you of the expected timeline upon initial contact regarding your request.

University Recreation Facility Reservation Form

For any specific questions regarding reservation requests please contact Sarah Myles at

For inquiries regarding the Cabot Center, Matthews Arena, or Parsons Field, please contact Matt Ells or Alex Ervin


City of Boston Athletic Field (Carter Field included) and or Facility Reservations and Permit Requests.

To request a permit for a facility you will need to obtain a Login Name and Password and then click the Reserve button. You will be asked to select an event type, submit a description and input a maximum number of guests. Search for your facility by Facility Type and select the facility you wish to reserve.

City of Boston Parks Reservation System