Global Step Challenge

Thank you to the 227 individuals who participated in the Global Step Challenge! Collectively, you logged over 25 million steps!
A big congratulations to Nick Bonavita, our winner, who took 690,219 steps in the month!

Congratulations also to our campus winners!

Arlington Jendaya Washington 287,779 steps
Boston Nainil Maladkar 660,056 steps
London Trent Wiles 620,508 steps
Miami Juan Gonzalez 183,061 steps
Oakland Sophia Ojiako 359,104 steps
Portland/Roux Institute Connor Shaw 345,688 steps
Seattle Xuan Tu 317,173 steps
Silicon Valley Mandar Ambulkar 439,645 steps
Toronto Ayaan Mohammed 297,792 steps
Vancouver Serena Conlon 350,445 steps

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